Why Are Other Home Selling Faster?

The First Impression

With potential home buyers you only get one chance to create the lasting first impression. Staging is a huge part of creating an inviting and appealing atmosphere. Presenting your home as a blank canvas will establish a space that attracts buyers. Homes that are set to please and invite future residents will fly off the market because they formulate a space of future possibilities.

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Move in Ready

Needed home improvement projects may scare off future buyers. If your home bluntly needs an overwhelming amount of improvements, buyers will ride your home off as a lost cause. Before selling, consider investing in a few large renovation problems that will not only update the space, but increase your resale value! But be smart with your money, remember not all projects will be worth your time.

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Curb Appeal

We often over focus on the state of our interiors that we find ourselves neglecting the curb appeal of our homes. A house with the same technical values comparable to your home, but presents with more a clean and flourished yard, a new front door, and fresh exterior paint will simply sell faster. Buyer’s want to see the great possibilities that your home offers rather than all the work a property will demand.

All publicity is good publicity

One of greatest advantages of working with a good realtor is the amount of exposure your home will receive. When choosing a realtor make sure to check out their website and social media platforms to peek into their techniques of marketing. Make sure they understand the importance of high quality photos, and have the ability to reach and advertise your property. Simply, your home cannot fly off the market without anyone even knowing it’s on the market!


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