Top 4 Kitchen Design Trends

  • top 4 kitchen trendsTop 4 Kitchen Trends
  • navy blue kitchen cabinetsNavy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

1. Black & White Contrast

The bold juxtaposition with the combination of black and white creates a clean, modern but comfortable space. To add a more traditional vibe, the neutral color palette can be combined with the textures of a light, warm wood in the features such as the flooring or a butcher’s island.

2.  Country Culture

Adding touches like a farmhouse sink create eye-catching center pieces in your kitchen. The deep sink allows for both the functionality of increased space for cleanup and the design flair of a statement appliance.

3. Pop of Colour

Add a splash of vibrancy to your space by incorporating a colorful backsplash or springing for a mix-and-match cabinets. It is easy to play it safe with a completely neutral color palette, step out of your comfort zone and make your kitchen pop!

4. All in One

Kitchens are continuous growing into non-segregated spaces. Modern new builds instead opt for a non-separated space that incorporates the kitchen, dining area and living area. This flow of space creates an inviting connectivity and a streamline fluency of design through each area.

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