Tips For Staging Your Home

Depersonalize Your Personal Space 

Once you put your house for sale, you need to start detaching yourself emotionally from your space and start thinking of it like a property instead of a home. Buyers want to be able to picture their future lives in the property. Depersonalizing your personal space allows your home to become a blank canvas. Try to remove items such as family photos or children toys from sight. When future buyers see your personal items, it will make it difficult to picture their own lives in the new space. So try to let go emotionally from your home and start staging the area for future families. 

Declutter the Sight Lines

An easy way to make your house appear more spacious is to simply remove visual clutter from your surfaces. Clear off your side tables and countertops and remove all excess items that are sprawled your floors or even stashed behind the couches. Making clean sight lines creates the illusion of a more fluid and spacious environment. So make sure the items that are in visual sight are purposefully on display for décor.

Clean Till’ Your Space Sparkles 

You only get one first impression with potential buyers so make it a lasting one. You don't want buyers to be distracted or deterred from the value of your home because of simple cosmetic problems like cleanliness. This is one of the cheapest ways to create a pleasant tone for your home. Pay close attention to little details in your bathrooms and kitchen. Remember, you are used to the living conditions of your home, but buyers will be inspecting every little corner. So clean, clean, clean! 

It's All About the Finishes

Step in the shoes of your buyers and look at the little details of your home. Adding simple accents such as flowers, or clean matching towels will help to create a staged space. Research staging pictures and get inspiration for small decor touches to can add to accent your space. But don't go overboard, less is more! 

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