The Ultimate Guide To House Hunting With Pets

Does the Home Have Enough Green Space?

Let’s be honest, your furry legged friends will care more about the outdoor space then the indoor. Consider what you need for your pet needs ... the green space needed for a toy poodle will be a lot different than that of a golden retriever.

Will the Neighborhood Fit You and Your Pet’s Lifestyle?

Does the neighbourhood have local dog parks, trails and outdoor space? If you are regular dog walker consider the walkability of the neighbourhood. Do the streets have sidewalks and how close are public park where dogs unleashes are aloud?

What Specialties Does Your Dog Demand?

Consider the age of your pet and what their lifestyle they will demand. For example, an older pet may need a home that has minimal stairs and may not demand as large of a green space. The age, breed and activity level of your pet will determine the kind of home features their lifestyle will need.

Think Long-term

Are you just starting family? Are you considering of possibly adding another furry friend to the mix. Remember some strata home may have pet restrictions. So be aware before purchasing a home with controlling animal restrictions.

Let Your Realtor Know You’re a Pet Owner

Your realtor should understand your needs every step of the way. Make sure to disclose your relationship with your pets so they can accommodate your needs. This way your realtor will be able to narrow down home possibilities based on home features and strata restrictions, to find the perfect place for you and your furry friends.   


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