The Ultimate Checklist For House Hunting


The Neighbourhood

Does the neighbourhood fit with your lifestyle? Is it family friendly? How is the walkability? Close to urban conveniences? Is the neighbourhood safe? Welcoming? Quiet?

The Location

Will the location fit your needs? How far is your commute? How valuable is the location? How close would you be to the city?

The School District

Do you have children or planning to start a family soon? What school district does the home fall under? What is the quality of the local schools? Do they offer bonus academics and extra-curricular activities?

The Home’s Interior

Does the home offer everything you need? How many bedroom/bathrooms? What is the sqft? Is it open concept?

Quality of the Interior

What is the age of the property? Is there any noticeable structural issues? Water damage? Evidence of any pests? Is there a cool breeze coming from the closed windows?

The Design

How much work would you need to put into the home’s interior? Is the space renovated or outdated? Does it need a complete overhaul or just a coat of paint? Does the decor of the home fit your design style?

The Layout

Will the setup of the home fit your lifestyle? Is the home laid out in a functional setting? Open concept? Sectional? Are all the bedrooms located on one floor? Is the family in view of the kitchen? Is there a formal dining area? Is it segregated?

The Storage

Will the home offer enough space for your stuff? How many and how large are the closets? Is there any bonus storage areas like a basement, crawl space or attic?

The Green Space

How much maintenance does the exterior demand? Is the yard large enough for your family or is the green space too much maintenance?

The Exterior

How maintained is the home’s exterior paint and visual presence? How large is the property? Driveway and front door condition?


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