The Pros Of Townhouse Living

Swim, Workout and Party

The South Surrey new built townhouses have much to offer their residents including clubhouses, gyms and pools. When choosing a townhouse over a free standing home you also gain access to easily accessible and useful amenities. If you are having a larger party and need a little more space, the clubhouse party rooms are easily rented and booked for your convenience. Maybe having access to the gym close by will give you the fitness motivation you’ve been looking!

Keep Your Money in Your Own Pockets

Remember your first home does have to not have to mean your forever home! Opting for a townhouse or apartment when beginning to grow your family will allow you stay closer within your budget. A single family home in South Surrey will list for around the 1 million mark, where for the same number of bedrooms you could grab the steal of a townhouse for around 500,000! This saved money can help you towards your next real estate investment and maybe eventually your forever dream home.

Your Thumb Any Color but Green?

Downsizing to a townhouse highly decreases the maintenance your property will demand. Some townhouses still have small green yards perfect for little dogs and children! The garden area still has the possibilities to be spruced if you enjoy planting or can be simply maintained with little effort!  With all our highly busy, demanding lives who really has the time or effort to invest into their green spaces? Townhouses offer the perfect in-between, and may even be located near a family park or playground if you enjoy being outdoors.

Keep Your Kids Safe

The little subdivisions that townhouse developments create are perfect living areas for families with younger children because of their division from main roads. Almost like a cul-de-sac, the small roads in-between the townhomes are kid friendly due to the slow traffic rules and decreased number of cars and movement. So instead of buying a detached family home on a busy road, consider downsizing to a townhouse where the danger of heavy traffic patterns and busy roads are extremely decreased.


-Vantage Real Estate Group



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