The Misconception Of The Suburbs

The concept of the suburbs has come a long way from the idealist sub division of the 50’s. Suburbs now have become almost a city within themselves - a self-supporting area. The idea of the urban suburb allows you to head out of the city while still having access to all the positives and amenities that central living offers.  

Physically Separated?                     

In new suburbs everything you could ever want is at your doorsteps. Around the corner will you find big shopping centers, local amenities and exciting activities you can get involved in. Suburbs like White Rock and South Surrey are conveniently connected to major transit and transportation routes for your convenience. The idea that the suburbs are a far off land disconnected from central living is no longer a accurate representation.

Not cool?

The suburbs are NOT just for retirees and boring families. The suburbs are a great place for those looking for affordable housing. South Surrey in particular offers many new townhouse complex developments that will fit an abundance of different lifestyles. The luxury new builds are far from uncool, they offer modern sleek designs in central and convenient locations.


Some of the best local shops, activities and restaurants can be found in the suburbs. Just because you are technically outside the main city doesn’t mean you are completely disconnected from an exciting lifestyle. South Surrey is central to great shopping, food options and don’t forget  the beautiful beaches with great activities and outdoor experiences.

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