The Big Benefits Of A Small House

Downsize Your Maintenance

One of the greatest advantages of decreasing your square footage is decreasing the amount of maintenance your home demands. Both in the interior and the exterior space a smaller home allows you to shrink of about of time you spend managing and sustaining your house hold. Don’t get over whelmed with the amount of home projects your house demands, downsize and enjoy the space you have!  

Keep Your Money in Your Pockets

Simply, a smaller home will cost lest. Obviously in actual sale price, a home with smaller square footage will more likely sell for less than a comparable home with a much larger home plan. But the savings continue even after moving in. A smaller space also grants a decrease in home maintenance fees like water, heat, power and overall home expenses. Less space - less money!

Decorating Shouldn’t Break the Bank

When moving to a large house, the open spaces need to be filled in order for the areas to feel complete. This demanding need for an abundance of new décor and furniture can really add up! A smaller home rather demands just the essentials. You will not be searching for pieces that are just needed to fill the space, but alternatively searching for a simple few pieces that make the space.

Live Simply

Once again, a large house reflects onto your lifestyle demanding more and more material objects. A smaller house on the contrary emulates the importance of simple living. A smaller home features and encourages the mantra of quality over quantity. Your home should be filled with seldom pieces that are useful and loved. Surround yourself with what is important to you and nothing more.

Time is Money

Less space equals less time demanded of you. Instead of spending hours on your home, spend that time with your family and friends. A small space will you encourage you to get out and explore. Your time is money and shouldn’t be wasted on your home. Enjoy what you love without your home weighing you down.


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