Pet Owner's Guide To Home Staging

We understand that your pets are family, but remember not all buyers are animal lovers like you!

Get Rid of the Hair

You may be used to your dog or cats shedding around the house but potential buyers are definitely not! Traces of hair on the couches and hardwood are a sure turn-off during showings. When staging your home remember to be extra cautious when cleaning and tackle all of the hair in the house. An animal’s shedding is easily spread to make sure to check every room for traces!

Mask the Odor

Don’t scare off buyers! The smell of a cat litter box or of wet dog is not exactly a welcoming scent for buyers to be introduced by. Once again, be over cautious when cleaning your home. You are now accustomed to the smell of your family pet and could easily overlook the traces. We would even advice a second opinion to make sure the house is as welcoming as possible!

Hide the Accessories

A chewed up tennis ball and a raggedy scratching post aren’t the most elegant accessories to your home. When staging your home make sure to hide all your pet’s toys and accessories. The items you choose to leave in visual sight should be to benefit your space not to degrade its value. Remember you always want to put your home’s best foot forward.


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