Invest Your Reno Budget Wisely

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Typically, kitchens and bathrooms are the safest investments because of their guaranteed resale value. Buyers appreciate and will pay for these updated spaces. If you simply want to spruce up your kitchen for resale, focus on a ‘facelift’. Give the space a fresh coat of neutral paint, refinish the surfaces and consider upgrading your appliances to stainless steel. These less major renovations will for sure see significant returns in the sale of your home. Not only will they increase your resale value but will also increase the speed in which your home flies off the market.

Investing in cosmetic or practical improvement?

Sometimes you will just have to face that the fact that all the money invested in your home will not be directly beneficial. Practical, and essential upgrades such as a new roof or windows are extremely important for the maintenance of your home but will not typically excite future buyers. Whereas cosmetic improvements such as granite countertops or stainless steel appliances will increase the value of your home because of their desirable attributes.

The Crowd Favourites

When renovating, in the back of your mind remember the essential selling points that will no doubt please future buyers. You can really never go wrong with hardwood floors and a neutral color paint scheme. Top sellers are, of course, the much loved granite countertops and top of the line stainless steel appliances. Buyers will for sure, fall over your updated ‘spa-like’ ensuite, with heated floor, double shower and Jacuzzi tub! Everyone loves areas that are perfect for entertaining, so always keep open concept flows of space and maintained outdoor areas that are perfect for patio parties!


Think long-term when renovating your home. The type of home improvements you invest in directly influence the amount of financial return will you gain with your resale value. Simply, not all home renos will be reciprocally beneficial in the long run. Tailor your designs and upgrades to fit your personal lifestyle but also follow, and remember the key selling points that will ultimately raise your home’s resale value!

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