How To Pack Your House Like A Pro

Unpack before Packing

Before you start piling your items in all those cardboard boxes, start by sorting through your own items first. Go through all your drawers, cupboards and closets and sort your stuff into keep, toss and donate piles. Forgetting this step ultimately will make your packing and unpacking job that much harder. Holding onto old, unwanted and unused items only increases the amount of stuff you will have to haul and organize in your new place. So before packing your items in boxes, make sure what you are loading is worth keeping. Don’t bring your old clutter to your new place!

Dedicate your Time

Instead of slowly packing little items here or there when you have time, dedicate a large chuck of time to the moving effort. When you only spend a little time everyday packing a few items, the ratio between the amount of work, out-weighs the amount of progress made. Instead, take a day off work, grab a babysitter or clear your weekend schedule and dedicate your undivided time. This way, will you be able to tackle the project head on and make significant progress, making the task seem manageable and not overwhelming.

Organize your Organizing

Start purging items and rooms that are not commonly used on an everyday basis. This way you can try and keep your ordinary routine intact for as long as possible! Make sure to leave rooms such as the kitchen to last, so you avoid feeling overwhelmed and outplaced in your own home. Instead pack items that are essential to keep but are not every day conveniences, like the linen closet or extra cosmetic care items. Remember, the last thing you want to do is to be living out of boxes for an extended period of time!

Don’t Do it Alone

Packing and moving is a big job, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make it a family affair and get your kids to help out packing their toys and items where they can. On moving day, make sure to call in the task force - the more hands the better! Grab your best friends and family to lend a helping hand to make the move more bearable. But don’t forget your loved ones are doing you a favour, so be thankful! Maybe surprise them with coffee and breakfast or take them all out for a celebratory dinner!


-Vantage Real Estate Group 

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