How To Make Your Patio Perfect For Entertaining

Create Mood Lighting

Lighting can either make or break a party. On your patio think about how you can incorporate soft and subtle lighting touches to compose the perfect atmosphere for entertaining. Consider getting strings of white Christmas lights that you could either hang above the sitting area, or along the edges of patio. These lights are a perfect way to brighten the space in evening without creating harsh overhead lighting like typical built in exterior patio lights.

Keep your Patio Green

Think of your patio space as an extension of your garden. Decorate your entertaining space organically by incorporating green touches. For example, bringing potted flowers onto your patio will spruce up the space while creating a flow of natural touches. Separating your patio space from your yard will only make your entertaining area feel disconnected and ultimately uninviting. Try to soften the edges of the paved areas with an overflow of green shrubbery or vinery to create a natural flow into your garden.

Add a Pop of Color

Make your patio space your own by simply choosing a pop color to incorporate into your décor. Continue the same color palette as in the interior of your house by either following a warm color palette, like a red or orange or a cooler color palette, with a pop of blue or lime green. Don’t go overboard with color, you still want your space to be inviting and comfortable. But, during the summer a pop of color will transform your patio into a fun new entertaining space!

Keep your Guests Comfortable

No matter the weather conditions this summer, when entertaining it is your job to keep your guests comfortable. Our number one tip is to be prepared ahead of time; the last thing you want to be doing is running around for your guests and ultimately missing out on your own party. On your patio make sure you have plenty of citronella candles to keep the bugs away and a large heater to keep your guests nice and toasty. Make sure you have plenty of cozy blankets and refreshments, both hot and cold, close by to accommodate any need! As a host, it’s your job to keep your guests happy and comfortable without sacrificing your time with the party… so be prepared!


-Vantage Real Estate Group



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