How To Make Your Home POP!

  1. Play with textures

Do you naturally gravitate towards a neutral color scheme? But is your home starting to seem flat and uninviting? Try playing with textures! Mix and matching textures is a great way to add depth to your space. For example, juxtaposing a rustic but neutral wooden coffee table with sharp modern glass features will create interest and engage the eye.

  1. Add personal touches

A space can start to seem cooker cutter without those personal décor features that make a space unique. Buying simple and classic basics for your home is a great jumping off point in decorating, but in order for a space to feel finished you need to bring a little YOU into the area. Consider finding unique décor that speaks to you, print personal photos, or tailor spaces to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Don’t be afraid of color

We know for most, bold colors can be extremely daunting when redecorating. But adding little pops of color around your spaces will create life and depth in your home. Through simple décor touches such as throw blankets, pillows or decorative ornaments on tables and bookshelves you are able to incorporate splashes of colors to tie together your space.

  1. Step outside your comfort zone

Decorating your home should be fun! Explore your style and try something new. Décor is not a permanent staple in your home but rather can be shifted and changed to fit your mood, lifestyle and personal taste. Step outside of your comfort zone, you never know what you will find and learn!


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