How To Get Top Dollar For Your Home

Add a lick of paint

Painting is one of simplest ways to transform the atmosphere of your spaces. Color palettes are very individual specific, and therefore bold colors such a blood red accent wall may not suit everyone’s design taste. When selecting paint colors stick to a soft and light, but warm color palette. The goal of repainting is to create a space that appears like a blank canvas, that can molded to any design preferences. Lighter tone paint choices will open up your living areas, creating the feeling of a larger space. So make sure to stay away from dark and exotic colors, keep your palette neutral and light to create bright and universal living spaces.

Create that mood lighting

Something that all buyers are searching for is bright and open spaces. If your home lacks excessive natural lighting, try and create well lite areas yourself. Get rid of any florescent lighting that generates harsh overhead lighting. Instead look into a more balanced and soft lighting options such as pot lights and creative lighting fixture to bring life into your spaces.

Clean and Green

The last thing you want your future buyers to be worried about is how much maintenance your green spaces will demand. Make sure to trim, spruce and flourish your green spaces. If your gardening isn’t your thing, that’s okay, just simple touches will transform your space. Weed your planter bends, get rid of any debris, mow your lawn and weed whack the edges: aim to create a nicely finished and crisp environment.

The Heart of your Home

Your kitchen is one of biggest determinates of property value. If you have a larger budget to renovate before listing your home, make sure to invest it in the most profit reaping spaces. The quality of a kitchen including its appliances, cabinets, countertops and lighting will either make or break a buyer’s impression of a home. There is no doubt that investing your time and money into the heart of the home will create large financial benefits in the long run when reselling.


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