How To Find The Perfect Entertaining Home

When searching for a new home, if entertaining is priority in your life, you must consider what essential features you want in your new space. When listings describe their buildings as ‘perfect for entertaining’, what does that really mean? What makes a home perfect for entertaining?

The Heart of the Home

All parties, no matter what the occasion always end up migrating to the heart of the home, the kitchen. Having a great living room is wonderful but not as valuable as having a jaw dropping kitchen. An oversized island is one of the most valuable additions to a perfect entertaining kitchen. The large detached space allows your guests to sit around the preparation area. This flow of space creates an engaged environment, allowing for the ease of conversation and entertaining.

Flow of Space

One of the most crucial parts of a perfect entertaining home is the natural flow of space. In order for all your guests to engage with each other and naturally flow from room to room, the space must be open and have an innate continuity. Having harshly designated areas like an enclosed formal dinner room separates your guests from the flow of the party, creating segregated entertaining spaces. It’s hard to be an involved host when you are physical separated from your guests. Therefore, search for home layout that holds open concept designs that possesses an organic fluidity of space.

Access to The Outdoor Space

With patio season right about the corner, it is important that your entertaining home has easy access to your outdoor entertaining spaces. The last thing you want as a host is to be trekking across your home, constantly grabbing refreshments and snacks, and missing out on your social gathering. A patio and outdoor space that is easily accessible from either the open concept family room or kitchen is ideal to easily slide between your indoor and outdoor spaces.


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