How To Create The Perfect 'Must-Have' List


When idealizing your dream home your ‘must-have’ list may find itself continuous growing. An extremely picky buyer in this fast paced and competition offer will start falling behind in the races. It is important to know what you need in your future home but even more important to understand what you are willing to compromise on. When considering your ‘must-have’ list ask yourself these questions - narrow down what is truly non-negotiable to you!


1. The Location

How close do I want to be to the city? How is the walkability – Is that even important to me? what school catchment does the home fall under?What neighbourhood do you want to search in?  which do you want to avoid? Is being close to family important? To amenities? To nature?

2. The House Layout

Is there a certain layout you need in a home? Kitchen on main? Bedroom on main? Kitchen open to family room? Segregated dining area? Separate formal and casual living areas? possibilities for entertaining? 

3. The Physical Features 

How many bedrooms do you need? What about a guest bedroom? How many bathrooms? Is an ensuite essential to you? Do you need a basement for your family?

4. The Demanding Maintenance

Do you need a move-in ready space? Do you want to renovate? Are you okay with repainting and redesigning a newer space? Do you want a new-build?

5. The Exterior Space

Do you need a yard? Do you have or want pets? Do you enjoy outdoor maintenance or do you need something easy to manage?


It is crucial to know what essential elements you need in your future home to best fit your lifestyle. Be smart with deciding what is a ‘want’ compared to a ‘must-have’. Understand what you need so communication with a realtor can be optimized in finding you, your dream home.


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