Decorating Secrets To Stay On Budget

Think Double Usage

Investing in good furniture will add up! So when choosing pieces to fill your space, try and find pieces that will give you the most bang for your buck. Think dual usage! When searching for items such a new bed frame or coffee table look for pieces that will also act as additional storage. Beds with hidden storage beneath the mattress or coffee tables with secret compartments under their surfaces act as dual purpose pieces allowing you to stretch your budget. If investing in good quality furniture it is important to think about how each piece can be used to fill as many needs as possible.

Be an Artiste

When first setting up your home, buying artwork to hang on the walls can put a huge dent in your budget. Instead of leaving your walls bear to save money, get out your paint brushes! Let’s be real, most modern art pieces are just splatters of paint anyways. Choose colors that match the theme of your home or that will add of pop of embellishment to your space. Splatter away or if creatively gifted design and create your own artwork. Don’t forget to frame your work; it will bring the whole piece together!

Get Crafty

If painting isn’t really your thing, think outside of the box to create artwork! Memory boxes are great, cheap ways to manifest unique and personal touches of décor. Frame intimate items that hold memories that deserve to be on display. For example, frame your children’s first socks, your husband’s first love letter, or the dog tag of your favourite pet. This is a great way to add a personal touch of décor to not only decorate the space but to also make the space uniquely yours.

Add a Lick of Paint

Another way to add a pop of color or contrast is simply by paint. From a bold accent wall to creative ‘wallpaper’ designs, paint allows you to add depth to space on a budget. You can even create a false headboard with a simple contrasting paint job around the head of your bed. Think outside of the box and use paint to customize your space!


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