Cheap Finishing Touches For Your Home

Bring the Outdoors, Indoors

Bringing a little green into your space will never hurt. Don’t stress, if you don’t have a green thumb (like us) spring for some fake plants or greenery that requires little maintenance, like a cactus. Buy colorful flowers or create a unique succulent display bowls that will bring to life any space. It’s amazing what little touches of plants can do to transform and finish your home.

Memories or Art?

The most classic way to create affordable meaningful art is to simply frame your own photos. What could be better way to fill your walls and surfaces then with framed personal memories? To spice up your space even more, consider getting your photos blown up when printed, mounted on canvas, or even consider printing them in black and white! There are so many creative ways to display your photos and turn your personal memories into works of art.

Quirky Touches 

After filling your home with the basics, the space often lacks that personal touch that ties everything together. A cooker cutter home may seem wonderful at a show room or open house, but in reality, our spaces are our own to creatively manifest. Choose unique pieces that show your passion in the space. Consider purchasing eclectic coffee table books that reflects your interests, like a collection of travel photography or an encyclopedia of North American birds. Whatever it is that you love, let that drive your designs! This is a great way to feel connected to your space and even have an unique icebreaker when entertaining.

Incorporate Colors and Textures 

Step outside your comfort zone with textures and colors! Choose an accent color theme that you can run throughout your spaces that can tie the rooms together. For example, you could use flowers, pillows, blankets, candles or frames to add a pop of color. If you naturally gravitate towards a neutral design scheme, bring depth into your space by blending contrasting textures. For example, consider pairing a tweed throw pillow with a faux fur rug or adding touches of light wood mixed with clean glass accents. The juxtaposition in the fibers adds a depth space that would have otherwise been flattened to the eye by the blanket of neutral colors.

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