4 Things To Keep In Mind When Touring Open Houses


Look past the elaborate staging

Beautiful cosmetic staging may make a property seem perfect. However, the decorating enhancements are only surface deep. The staged space is only a perfect aspirational ideal. In order to fully grasp the full value of a property you must be able to look past temporary cosmetic enhancements to see what a home has to offer or rather what it is actually lacking. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

Be aware when walking through potential new homes and stay alert for red flags. Keep your eyes open for water damage, poor home maintenance, and the overall condition of the property. Use your ears to get a feel for neighborhood. How quiet is the backyard? Can you hear children playing outside? Can you hear the echo of traffic or transit? You only have a short time to physically get a better understanding of possible properties, so stay alert and absorb as much information as you can!

Check out the Neighbourhood

You can tell a lot of the value about of a property from the quality of its surrounding neighbourhood. Check out the average quality of maintenance on the block. Does the community value clean streets, greenery or safe places for children to play? Are there a lot of for sale signs along the blocks? Keep your eyes open when driving in and out of the neighborhood to get a better understanding of the community in comparison to surrounding areas. 

Listen to the Expert Advice

When touring with a real estate agent, listen to their opinions and advice. Remember their job is to understand the values of homes. Trust in your agent, they will have your best interest at heart. They will be able to see past cosmetic touches and understand the value of contrasting neighbourhoods. Their experience with open houses only lends you additional knowledge to create a wholesome impression of the properties. Don’t let this free expert advice go to waste


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