4 Biggest Mistakes Sellers Commit


Choosing the Wrong Representation

Selling your home is big financial move; make sure you choose the right realtor to represent you. Failing to choose an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent will result in the sale of home to be overwhelming. The wrong realtor will not understand the value of your home and not have the abilities to get you what you deserve. 

Not Being Realistic of Your Home Value

When over estimating your home value, your expectations are set too high. Demanding more than your home is worth will ultimately cause you to lose out on possible opportunities. Trust the opinions of real estate experts, like your realtor who understands the market.

Overlooking the Importance of Staging

Do not underestimate the power of staging. Creating an inviting and finished space will transform the impression of your home. Tackling design problems before listing ensures buyers will be impressed with your space. The power of an open house can either make or break a sale.

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Not Trusting the Advice of your Realtor

Remember your realtor is free expert advice. Going against what they advise will ultimately put you in a sticky situation. They understand how to get you the most for your home. Their experience with buying and selling homes is here to guide your process, trust that they have your best intentions at heart.


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