South Surrey & White Rock Schools

When searching for a new home it is important to consider where your priorities lie! If you have children or may be planning to start a family in the near future, the quality of schools in your neighbourhood should be on the top of your list! The South Surrey school district offers many high ranking and high quality Elementary and Secondary schools. Before settling on a new home, make sure to consider what school catchment your property falls under for the future education of your children.


Public Elementary Schools

1. Semiahmoo Trail Elementary - 8.0

2. Bay Ridge Elementary - 7.9

3. Laronde Elementary - 7.8

4. Morgan Elementary - 7.7

5. Rosemary Heights Elementary - 7.5

6. Crescent Park Elementary - 7.4

7. Chantrell Creek Elementary - 7.2

8. White rock Elementary - 7.2

9. Ray Shepard Elementary - 7.1

10. Ocean Cliff Elementary - 6.9

11. Peace Arch Elementary Elementary - 6.9

12. South Meridian Elementary - 6.8

13. H.T Thrift Elementary - 5.9

14. Sunnyside Elementary - 5.9

15. Pacific Heights Elementary - 5.8

16. Jessie Lee Elementary - 5.2


Public Secondary Schools

1. Semiahmoo Secondary - 7.6

High School Catchment for: Semiahmoo Trail, Sunnyside, Bayridge, H.T Thrift and White Rock Elementary

2. Elgin Park Secondary - 7.4

High School Catchment for: Crescent Park, Chantrell Creek, Ocean Cliff, Laronde, and Ray Shepard Elementary

3. Earl Marriott - 6.2

High School Catchment for: Rosemary Heights, Pacific Heights, Peace Arch, South Meridian, Jessie Lee and Morgan Elementary

*all school rating from The Fraser Institute* 


Private Schools

Southridge is the TOP rated school for both Elementary and Secondary Schools

Southridge Elementary- 10 

Southridge Secondary - 9.8


Check out this great tool to figure out what exact catchment your home falls under:


*all school ratings from research by The Fraser Institute* 


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